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Come join our Team of dedicated professionals! Become a personal attendant or ILS or Parenting Support Instructor. For more info please contact us. We look forward to meeting with you and your gifts contributing to our awesome team.

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Staff Testimonial

imgName: Irma Guillen
Title: Parenting Support Instructor
Passion: Teaching Parenting Educational skills to people who need it.
Expertise: Social work, Nationally Recognized Trainer/Consultant in the Nurturing Parenting Program.
Deeply Enjoys: To assist people in solving their own problems as well as empowering them to develop skills so that they can take care of themselves.
Quote:“I was born in Mexico and migrated to the United States seeking a better life, I was blessed with four sons and I am very proud of them. Becoming a Parenting Support Instructor is not only a career for me; it is a vocation that always puts a smile on my face”.


We have new Personal Attendant positions always coming open. Our Personal Attendant staff care about the details that make each individual client successful. Everything from the simplest grocery list to negotiating the campus at school, our staff are skilled and competent in each individuals specific needs. And our Personal Attendants are backed up by a management staff that is experienced and caring. Our management team has a combined 20+ years of experience in this field and we always keep the needs of our clients in mind.

Our Team members

  • Must be able to pass a Department of Justice criminal background check as well as a pre-employment drug screening.
  • Need to be certified in CPR/First Aid, or be willing to become certified in the first 30 days of employment.

The first interview will be with a member of Thrives management staff. The second interview will be with the client and whomever else they choose to support them.

Once the client chooses their staff members, Thrive provides training to prepare you for your assignment as well as on the job training at the clients home so that you can feel confident your first day at work.

Because we are consistently growing, we are able to provide our staff with the ability to grow with the company into positions of more responsibility.

We provide a competitive benefits plan that includes employer paid dental/vision, as well as an Employee Assistant Program, employer covered life insurance for our full time employees (30+hours per week) and all of our employees, full time and part time, receive a CostCo card. Thrive provides performance based bonuses as well as individualized Personal Attendant recognition.

The following information is saved in PDF format. If you have difficulty opening the files, please check that you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download it here.

Ready to join our team? Fill our your Employment Application here.

Staff Testimonial

Name: Shirley S.

“My experience working with my clients has been wonderful but challenging (& it’s worth the challenge). Working with people who need our help is a blessing. This has taught me to have more patients with others but also within myself. When helping my clients, I’m encouraging good social behavior while in the community and at home. I help each client accomplish goals such as, going to the Food Bank, clean/cook, laundry, accompanying them to their doctor’s appointments. Most importantly making my clients feels safe and secure.

Everybody has different characteristics & while observing & being supportive towards my clients, I have learned each client individually and treat them according to their own individuality because not everybody has the same personality so it’s important to recognize how I approach each of my clients.

The company, Thrive Support Services, Inc is making a difference in someone’s life everyday & I must say that’s what I admire about the company. I as well, as a provider feel that I am being supportive towards my clients physically, emotionally, and mentally. I like the fact that we communicate & check up on each other by working as a team.

I’ve been with Thrive Support Services, Inc for about two and a half years now and what’s keeping me here are the clients that I work with. I can honestly say I have built a good relationship with my clients. I want to continue to be supportive & be there for them. I know for a fact I have the capability of bringing the best out of people. Our clients need loyalty & that’s what I’m here for.”

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