Consumer Advisory Meeting and Social Events Update

Over the course of the past few months, the Thrive Consumer Advisory Committee has made major strides and progress.  The committee is organized as a way for consumers from all three programs to come together and discuss what they appreciate about their services and what they would like to see change in the future.  The committee serves several purposes in that it motivates consumers to utilize self-advocacy skills while also increasing community integration and socialization amongst the individuals that we serve.

The past three meetings have been held at three different client homes and have each been hosted by our Social Media Correspondent, Ian Farquhar.  Ian comes to the table with advanced skills in social facilitation and has built rapport with many of the consumers who attend the CAC which has made for more beneficial feedback.  The past several meetings have also been instrumental in planning our most recent social events including dinner at La Piñata in Concord, a trip to Pier 39, going to the movies and our consistent bowling events.  Each of these events have included several consumers and have been enjoyable by staff and clients.  The CAC looks forward to assisting in planning the Spring Picnic in May as well as more events throughout the year.

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