Independent Living

Independent Living Services (ILS) is a program designed to provide instruction and advocacy for each client to become as independent as possible. A client receiving Independent Living Services will have fewer hours of service than persons receiving Supported Living with an ILS Instructor typically coming to visit a few hours each week, for a maximum of 40 hours per month. As time goes by, these sessions will may reduce as the client’s skill level gets stronger.

As a member of Thrive’s Independent Living Services program each client will receive the following:

  • Assessment of Individual Needs: The assessment period for Independent Living Services is much shorter than that for Supported Living Services. The client will work with Thrive staff to develop the plan for the skills they need to live a productive life in their home and community. Our ILS instructors will reassess periodically to adjust benchmarks of progress, individual needs and goal setting.
  • Skills Taught (including but not limited to the following):
    1. Cooking, including menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation
    2. Household maintenance and cleaning
    3. Money management, including banking and shopping in natural environments
    4. Use of public transportation in natural environments
    5. Personal health and hygiene
    6. Self-advocacy training
    7. Independent recreation and participation in natural environments
    8. Use of medical and dental services, as well as other community resources
    9. Community resource awareness such as police, fire, or emergency help
    10. Home and community safety
  • Individualized Service Plan (ISP): Each client will have an ISP prepared to direct the client and their ILS Instructor so that each session will be the most productive. Thrive’s ILS instructors track progress and record any observed barriers to meeting ISP goals. The ISP guides the process for the year and keeping the client, Regional Center Case Management and the ILS Instructor on target.
  • Advocacy: Thrive will work as an advocate for the client when needed to assist them with Medical and Mental Health referrals and when needed as a liaison with the property management.
  • Housing Assistance: Thrive will assist each client with establishing housing of their choosing and will assist them will establishing a positive relationship with their individual property manager. In addition, we take an active role in promoting productive roommate relationships.
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