New Blog…and Happy New Year!

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Check out updates on this blog for what’s happening with Thrive Support Services. We are doing great things in the community and can’t wait to share our CAC , Newsletter, and social events updates. You can also stay connected with us all year long with our Facebook page.

What is the CAC? The Consumer Advisory Committee is a meeting that happens once a month in which every client Thrive serves is invited. The CAC meeting truly represents the foundation of what Thrive hopes to accomplish in the work that we do.  The primary purpose of having the meeting falls in line with Thrive’s mission of supporting clients to develop skills within the areas of community integration and self-advocacy.  At each meeting, consumers discuss what they enjoy about the services they are receiving and what they hope to see change.  As a result, Thrive learns how to improve our services while consumers are able to practice skills in assertive communication and self-advocacy.  Additionally, at each meeting, our upcoming social events are discussed so that each client is able to voice their opinion on events that would be of interest to them, falling in line with our mission to support each person we provide services to be an active member of their community.

Thanks for reading and we wish you a wonderful New Year!

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