Victor L

“I like being at Thrive because it gives me the chance to meet new people and get to know who they are as a person. My favorite thing about being here is that I get to go out and do things I love with my staff who enjoys them too. I have grown physically and mentally throughout my time here and China works with me on how to better get my point across to people. Thrive has taught me how to love myself no matter what.”


“I really like my Thrive staff because they’re always so supportive of me. They also take me to the food bank to get food and show me how to eat healthier.”

Matt M

“I really enjoyed the assistance they gave me in learning to advocate to get a better job. Thrive was able to assist me in gaining my position with Project Search which eventually led to my present job which I really love. I have increased confidence.”

John K

“Thrive has been a great service to work with. I appreciate the challenge, especially with learning to cook. Overall, it’s a great service.”

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