Thrive Celebrates Back To School

back-to-schoolMany of our clients and their children are heading back to school this month, whether you live in Alameda County or Contra Costa County most schools are back in session as of Monday, August 22. Getting prepared and organized for Back to School can be a stressful time; figuring out transportation, afterschool care, paperwork, homework help, school supplies, and uniform clothing all which can be an extra cost to an already tight budget. Our Parenting Support Instructors are equipped to help our parents in the program access community resources to support in this transition back to school.

Thrive’s Top 6 Back to School Tips

  1. Stranger Danger (even for teenagers) 
    • Walk home in groups
    • Stay Alert (no texting while crossing the street)
    • Know who to call (call 911 if someone tries to get you into their car)
    • Have a afterschool plan
  2. Walk Safely to School visit
  3. Homework help
    • Get kids off to a good start by creating a space to do homework
    • Goal 1.3 THRIVE PARENTING SUPPORT will provide support via instruction with creating a learning atmosphere at home, support i.e. active learning tools.
  4. Discuss behavior – if your child comes home with a behavior chart or had a bad day, before signing the note take that time to discuss with your child how they can stay focus or ask for help if they do not understand school work
  5. Paperwork – returning important emergency contact information (who can pick your kids up from school), free lunch program, after-school program, etc
  6. Back to School Resources – Walmart 50 cent deals on school supplies, Dollar Tree or 99 cent store.
    Back to School Bash & Health Fair
    Saturday, August 20th at 11:00am Shiloh Church
    3295 School Street
    Oakland, CA 94602
    United States

There is also a free event in Alameda County, with backpack giveaways, haircuts, prizes, and more.

Back to School Backpack Giveaway

Saturday 8/27, 12pm – 4pm

Love Center Ministries
10440 International Blvd.
Oakland, CA 94603

For additional resources contact the Parenting Program for more information.

Also we are celebrating a huge milestone for two of our clients that are going away to college during our Consumer Advisory Committee on August 25th. Chloe, who will be going to UC Davis, we wish you much success in your new pursuits.

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